Glenn Seeley

Glenn Seeley


Team Elite - Coldwell Banker Advantage

Glenn Seeley worked 22 years as a lumber wholesaler, supplying builders with the needed materials for construction. Then he had an epiphany - his real calling was selling homes.

Seeley has been a licensed Realtor and Broker working for Coldwell Banker Advantage for two and a half years. His many decades of experience in the home building industry, however, make him the perfect choice to be your next Realtor.
"I had a moment that a light came on about real estate," he says. "But my whole life I have picked up real estate catalogs everywhere to stay up on the markets."

Seeley moved back home to Fayetteville to take care of his aging parents. Prior to working for Coldwell Banker Advantage he designed roof and floor systems for builders and bought, repaired and sold homes on the side. He says he has always been a sales person at heart and most loves helping his clients.

"I enjoy digging down into a client’s needs and wants, and directing them to the best possible property for their situation," he says. "Since I work with mostly young military folks, I treat them like a son or daughter and try to give them the best advice that fits their situation."

Seeley understands the importance of helping clients stay within their budgets. He knows it is important to have a plan and will personally assist those who need guidance in a complex transaction. He also encourages military buyers to think of purchasing as an investment.
Seeley gains inspiration from his parents. His dad, 91, is a World War II veteran who in business was never late, always went by the book and never broke the rules. His mother is 86, full of life and always has a project going.

Seeley stays busy every day selling new construction in several communities seven days a week. However, in his little free time he enjoys attending church.

If you want a Realtor with integrity, dedication and a passion for doing the right thing, contact Glenn Seeley today!